Tax Returns

Turn Your Income Tax Return Into 100K in One Year

Whether it?s $500 or $5,000, an income tax return often provides the largest chunk of money that most Americans stumble upon all year. While some may view it as the perfect opportunity to invest ? the ?expected windfall,? known this time of year as ?the tax return,? can also be the easiest money to squander.

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Recent surveys showed roughly 83 percent of Americans intend to reduce debt, save, or invest their refund from Uncle Sam. Only 7 percent plan to fritter the money away on a shopping spree or vacation. Unfortunately, life shows up, as it always does ? and the number of taxpayers who actually save or invest their money averages at about 40 percent. And who?s to judge ? investing can be a daunting endeavor to the average American household that earns $51,000 a year.

Work Smart, Not Hard

It’s entirely possible to become rich, even if your household income is well below average. Conversely, it’s entirely possible to become poor while earning a high income. In other words, it doesn?t matter how much money you make ? its what you do with it. Although this may seem easy enough ? what remains to be grasped by most Americans is that as long as you continue doing what you?ve always done; you will continue to get the same results.

At RE Wealth Advisors, we understand that sustainable wealth is created through leveraging small amounts of money to generate high returns on investment. Through our experience and expertise in the marketplace, we have developed a system of leveraged investment that can securely turn a $4,000 tax return into $100,000 ? $250,000 inside of 12 months.

How It Works

As opposed to a financial manager or stockbroker who takes your money to invest ? we bring you the necessary capital to invest and build wealth. Through our Capital Campaign Services, we bring our clients anywhere from $40,000 – $100,000 in unsecured business credit at 0% interest ? within 60 days. We then continue the capital campaign throughout the year to increase these credit lines up to $250,000.

Once you have attained the necessary capital to invest, we hold you by the hand through the process of off market real estate investment. Our proprietary methodology in a nutshell:

  1. We bring you business credit at 0% interest for 9-18 months to use as leverage.
  2. We implement corporate & (legal) tax-saving structures to protect your personal credit/assets and help you keep the money you make.
  3. We facilitate your (no money down) acquisition of deeply discounted properties.
  4. We provide the end-buyer (or renter) and facilitate the sale.
  5. You receive 80% of the gross profit or ROI ? we receive 20%.

What?s The Catch?

Wait a minute ? are you telling me you?re going to take my tax return and turn it into six figures cash within one year?

Yes, that?s exactly what I?m telling you ? and for our services, we will take payment in the form of a share in the profits we generate for you. So for example, if/when we net you a $50,000 profit on one transaction ? you cut us a check for 20%, $10,000. In other words, our interests are aligned ? when you make money, we make money. It?s that simple.

Call us now at 954-998-4415 for a quick consultation to see how we can provide funding and wealth building solutions for you.