Many wise people get into Real Estate investing as they have heard there are great returns to be had through the wise purchasing and selling of Houses, Apartments or other Commercial Properties. However, a fundamental problem exists wherein a first time investor or family that is looking to get into this market has no idea where to begin. This presents a significant barrier and risk to the investor because they are typically competing against professionals who invest, buy and sell real estate full time for a living who are very sharp, savvy and sophisticated when it comes to uncovering profits and not entering into investments where there is unmanageable risk.

This risk is compounded because the average beginning investor has no idea where or how to uncover a ?gem? wherein they have the opportunity and ability to pay a fair, below market price for an asset which may need minor ?cosmetic? enhancements to achieve full market value. This can result in a new investor searching places like the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to find an investment not realizing that it is almost impossible to find a good value on such properties because they are facing direct competition from the rest of the local market whether this be other investors or just family?s looking for a new home. They have no competitive advantage and stand the risk of buying something that may prove problematic to resell in the event a downturn in the market or a major repair needed on their new property.

This is where RE Wealth Advisors steps into the picture on the investors behalf. Our tried and proven methodologies and experience over the last 20 years in the Real Estate Industry allows us to source ?Off Market? properties from our trusted relationships that are not known to the general public and can be purchased at a discount to the After Repair Market Value (ARV). These assets are not listed on the MLS or other real estate websites and are available because of our hard work and constant database digging on our part to find the ?Real Value? in an investment and negotiate a fair price with a private seller who for whatever reason, may need to sell their property quickly or may have a damaged home that they cannot afford to fix. We work hand in hand with our investors to provide ongoing access to these pools of discounted, value-oriented investments which allow for an elevated rate of return on the investment while minimizing down side risk because there is always significant equity already built into the projects and investments we consider and advise our investors to engage on. We are here to partner with you, educate, and provide guidance and direction towards ongoing, sustainable wealth building for you, your family and your future generations.

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