Hotel Lending

We are the home where quick loans do exist!!! If you have a hotel deal that needs to be closed and funded quickly, then allow Real Estate Wealth Advisors to provide a quick loan!

Our quick lending process provides the borrower with fewer requirements during the application process. Despite low credit scores and slight capital deficiencies we can have you approved in 24 hours, once we have received the complete simple loan requirement package. Our proprietary Underwriting step provides a hassle free lending process. This is beneficial because you will be able to start your hotel business sooner!

Here at Real Estate Wealth Advisors, we offer the lowest rate financing packages and the widest selection of programs and products for Hotel Loans across the United States. SIMPLY PUT, WHAT THIS MEANS FOR your HOTEL deal is that our private money, Hedge-Funds, and LENDERS ARE WILLING TO LISTEN TO YOUR STORY, know matter what! We are the Underwriters, therefore we confirm the approvals! Once we process the deal, you will receive a full approval in 24hrs!

Here at Real Estate Wealth Advisors, we understand the importance of finding the best hotel financing package for your hotel loan. Often times we are able to customize a package to fit unique needs. This is the makeup of our brand, as we offer superior customer service and a wide selection of products for hotel lending. Real Estate Wealth Advisors offers the most competitive non-conventional, conventional and SBA loans in the business. Our nationwide service and superior knowledge of the hotel lending industry means the best terms and competitive rates for your property. Please contact and speak with an experienced commercial business development officer today!

For more information on how R.E. Wealth Advisors can help get you funding for your hotel project and much more please call us at 888.959.7490 or visit: You can also follow us on Twitter @Real_EstateWA, Linked-In, and be sure to like us on Facebook.

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