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Here in the US we experienced an amazing Q1, which brings forth both optimism and pessimism in this post pandemic. If you invested in technology or residential real estate you have been experiencing amazing returns. However there is that bubble concern. Here is a fact, the economy will seek to normalize therefore there will be some expected adjustments in the stock market due to governmental policy, inflation, fear, lack of jobs, and a steadily weakening dollar. Fundamentals must catch up with valuations.

Here is another fact, Multifamily investing will continue to grow without fail, especially value ad. Investors will desire to seek out continued high multiples, as more investors realize that Class B and C value add multifamily assets, affordable and workforce housing in the commercial real estate space will be the last growth sector that will yield high multiples with greater safety. Investors will continue to seek out diversification strategies for their portfolio. Multifamily investing provides a great hedge, especially real estate assets that house essential workers. No brainer!

In conclusion, debt investors who are seeking to remain on this high multiple yield wave should consider investing in Class B & C multifamily housing including affordable and workforce housing. Here at RE Wealth Advisors we have amazing opportunities in this area of commercial real estate investments. Please visit and learn more about RE Wealth Advisors at www.rewealthadvisors.com. Give us a call at 954.998.4415 and or email us at info@rewealthadvisors.com. Our experts are poised and ready to serve you.


Patrick Dean