Oil Transactions


We connect real people to close real deals!

The oil & gas industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. The amounts of money involved in these transactions are so huge that there is enough money to make all the players involved a lot of money. The structure of a deal is simple, there are two sides, buyer and seller.

Each side then has either one or various individuals representing their interest, these are the people who normally talk to each other to negotiate prices and terms. Since this industry is so lucrative there are many scammers out there, in fact most deals you come across are scams. Due to this, the meeting between buyer and seller representatives only happens when they are connected by a facilitator who they feel comfortable with. This is where Real Estate Wealth Advisors comes in! Let us facilitate by connecting you with real buyers and real sellers. With so many joker brokers and scams in the industry, it is hard to find real deals: however, Real Estate Wealth Advisors have forged solid relationships with both the wealthy and sovereign connections. Our expertise and fluid process filters out the joker brokers and scammers. Please call us at 561.953.9800 or email us at info@rewealthadvisors.com.

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