Off Market
Commercial Real Estate Assets

One of Real Estate Wealth Advisors core business functions is the ability and capacity to deliver very lucrative investment opportunities and assets not known to the general public. This takes shape through several different business avenues: Off Market Commercial Real Estate, Commodities and Hedge Funds.

Based on market research, it has been revealed that 23% of all Commercial Real Estate Transactions in the US were transacted ?off market?, meaning the general investment community never knew the asset was for sale and the asset was not listed with any specific Commercial Real Estate companies. These assets are typically available because of pre existing relationships with the seller or the sellers? inner circle such as his attorney. The sellers of these assets typically have a set price in mind they want to receive with little to no room for negotiation. If a buyer will pay their price, they have a deal and will sell. The traditional sales process with Real Estate is a huge headache to many sellers because they have to choose from a pool of competing buyers who all want the lowest price possible and may or may not be able to transact after all negotiations have taken place. Because of this, some sellers prefer to have a very quiet sale of their property and only deal with one qualified buying group at a time.

Marquee ?trophy assets? are frequently sold this way. Real Estate Wealth Advisors is a market expert at uncovering these opportunities and delivering them to our qualified investors on an ongoing basis. Within the framework of Off Market Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate Wealth Advisors runs campaigns specifically for clients that have a demand for specific asset classes. Through our proprietary methodologies, we are able to uncover these assets on an ongoing basis. These assets include Retail Shopping Centers, High Rise Office Buildings, 3 to 5 Star Hotels, 100 Unit and Up Multifamily Complexes, Single Tenant Net Lease Properties and Development projects that are in need of equity partners. We focus predominantly on the major markets of Manhattan, South and Central Florida and major cities in California. From real estate investments to marketing Real Estate Wealth Advisors has a wide range of experiences to help from the beginning of the process to the end. Also, unlike the status quo brokers, we do not list your property and hope it will sell, we have pools of registered qualified cash buyers. We are consistently registering new buyers and sellers across the globe.

Confidentiality is very important to us and we take extra steps to ensure our clients are protected. Discover how Real Estate Wealth Advisors can help you reach your commercial real estate investment goals. At Real Estate Wealth Advisors, we are focused on delivering our clients true off-market deals, which allows for a closed circuit negotiation between buyer and seller to increase efficiency towards closing every transaction.

Commercial Real Estate

RE Wealth Advisors offers an innovative grass roots approach towards Real Estate Investments. Our guiding vision is centered on helping our clients prepare for that day when they will need to live off their investments, rather than their working income. Investing in real estate is the key to true sustainable wealth and the institution of a ?LEGACY? for generations to come. We do this by whittling down to exactly what the clients long-term and immediate goals and needs are and create the opportunity in the market place that matches specifically what the client desires. This is accomplished by going into the off-market arena and finding the right assets for the client directly from the sellers of the property. Using this methodology, the client has no they are competing against and have a captive opportunity to purchase.

Commercial Real Estate is a typically safe place to park investment dollars to maintain greater control and net a higher return over the life of the investment. Over the past 10 ? 20 years, Real Estate returns have outperformed the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Russell 2000, and Barclays Capital Government Bond Indices.

Our Real Estate Investment options are as follows:

  • OFF Market Commercial Real Estate
  • Single Tenant NNN Assets
  • Portfolio Sales

R.E. Wealth Advisors is here to assist you in putting together a short term, medium term and long term plan to accomplish your investing needs and to structure the assets and deals, the financing and assisting with backend systems that dramatically increase asset performance while decreasing risk. Our goal is to put you in absolute financial control of your life.

Referring intermediaries who refer a client to RE Wealth Advisors LLC, Real Estate Wealth Advisors LLC or any of our affiliated companies and whom have had not participated in the actual transaction outside of an introductory roll will be paid out of a pool totaling 10% to 20% of the gross revenue received by our company. This ?pool? will be distributed between the total number of referring intermediaries to the transaction.