Non Performing Notes

Welcome to the Real Estate Wealth Advisors Non Performing Note Division!

Real Estate Wealth Advisors provides a consistent and credible supply of both Performing and Non Performing Notes to investors or, we offer the opportunity to partner up with us, remain a passive investor and reap phenomenal returns!

If you are unfamiliar with the term Note, a Note is simply the mortgage on a property. Note investing can be a very lucrative and profitable investment medium whereby an investor can buy a mortgage directly from a bank or other private lender at a discount to the full loan amount. By doing this, an investor than becomes the beneficiary of all mortgage payments made on a property. Just like a bank, if a homeowner stops paying his mortgage, the ‘Note Owner’ has several options that they can follow through with:

  1. Proceed to foreclosure.
  2. Renegotiate the terms of the mortgage/note with the borrower so that they can begin paying their mortgage, thus making the note ‘Performing’.
  3. Forgive the debt and avoid foreclosure proceedings in exchange for turning over the keys to the property, this is known as a ‘Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure’.
  4. The ‘Note Owner’ can resell the note on the secondary market for more money than they paid for it.

When a home owner has stopped paying his mortgage and is in default for 3 consecutive months, the Note is now referred to as a ‘Non Performing Note’ or NPN for short. These NPN’s are frequently sold directly from the bank or government institutions at a deep discount so as to get the bad debt off their books and pull in additional capital.

How does Real Estate Wealth Advisors fit into the picture?

The Real Estate Wealth Advisors Note Division has been active in the note business for the last 8 years successfully buying large portfolio’s of Performing and Non Performing Notes directly from lenders and government institutions for a significant discount off the face value. We have a full time team of people in place including attorneys, title companies, marketing people and experienced Note investors to facilitate every aspect of these transactions and ensure maximum profitability.

By acquiring large portfolio’s, we are able to successfully and repeatedly buy for the lowest price possible which we than are able to monetize over a 41 to 90 day period. We do this over and over again throughout the year for consistent year over year returns that demolish most other investment mediums. Our goal in buying Non Performing Notes is not to end up with the properties in question (and whatever problems they may have), rather we are simply flipping the paper for a significant spread over and above what we paid for it.

How can you, the investor, participate?

We have 2 options available for you!

  1. Click the Request an Invitation Link below and fill in the corresponding information. We will send you a login and password that allows you to login to our back office and look at the available offering of NPN’s, Performing Notes and REO’s that we have available for sale on a individual basis. Should you like any of these assets, you can buy them from us and do what you will with them.
  2. Pool your capital with us and let us do all the work! Real Estate Wealth Advisors Note Division will set up a Joint Venture relationship with you, the investor, whereby we combine your money with our own to buy even larger pools of Non Performing Notes. By doing this, an investor can avoid the pitfalls of investing in Non Performing Notes by leveraging our full time staff of attorneys, title agents, marketing people and real estate agents to make significant passive income. We split our profits 50/50 with the investor and we already have exit buyers in place for most of the assets we acquire. Because we do this over and over again throughout the year, your investment continues to compound and earn stronger and larger returns. Please email or click the Contact link to request more information from us.