Network & Portfolio

RE Wealth Advisors Commodity Division is a leading facilitator and advisor within the commodities industry focusing on the physical supply and delivery of real assets and resources. Our professional commodities team has leveraged more than 100 years of combined leadership in the commodities arena to facilitate the buying and selling of products such as Diesel Fuel, Jet Fuel, Liquefied Natural Gas, Mazut, Gold, Rough Cut Diamonds, Iron Ore, Steel, Copper Cathode, Fish, Poultry and Rice.

Because we operate as a facilitator rather than a trader, we can deliver product well below the going market rate from proven refineries, mines, suppliers and titleholders across the globe. We source the best deals worldwide on a regular basis and approach each deal from the standpoint of a closer. We know what it takes to get a Commodity deal done and fight for our clients and their procedures to ensure both viability and safety in the transaction.

We are committed to cultivating long lasting relationships with our customers and stakeholders via excellent value added service delivery. We have the competent experts to facilitate your transactions. We do not compromise our integrity.

Our comprehensive portfolio of assets allows us access to very large quantities of all derivatives of crude oil including Jet Fuel, D2 diesel, D6, Mazut, LNG, LPG, SLCO, and BLCO. The other commodities are Gold, Silver, Copper Concentrate, High Grade Iron Ore, Sourced Rough Diamonds, Poultry, and Steel to Spec.

Please inquire for asset specifications and appropriate procedures.


Patrick Dean, CEO of RE Wealth Advisors states, we follow our philosophy to the letter, we believe in building real lasting prosperous relationships, which will create and sustain wealth in both short and long term cycles. We believe in the adage ?success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal? This is the RE Wealth Advisor brand. Our standard of excellence is what makes us strong.?

Our Expertise

Deal Sourcing

We have invested hundreds of hours into developing direct relationships with some of the most prolific and consistent providers in the industry, some of whom have been doing business in these sectors for the last 50 years. This closely cultivated internal network of trusted partners allows us to deliver on a regular basis where most people fail.

Due Diligence

When transacting at such significant dollar amounts and within some of the most politically charged regions in the world, due diligence verification is of absolute paramount importance.

RE Wealth Advisors Commodity Division performs analysis on both buyer and seller to find out more about who they are dealing with. This may include the following:

  • Corporate Profiles from seller and buyer
  • Workable and realistic set of transaction procedures
  • ICPO or LOI from buyer which must be presented with separate statement of analysis or research done on the principal or offer
  • POF from buyer and POP from seller

Logistics and Transportation

We have teams and relations on the ground who know how to protect the resources of our clientele and ensure smooth transactions take place. This is of critical importance in regions like China, Russia and Africa where who you know is frequently as important as having the money to get a deal done. Our on the ground resources for hire ensure total transparency and that no fraud is taking place.

Joint Ventures

We understand that sometimes even the best of us are overwhelmed by the sheer size and complexity of a potential deal, or you may not have the capital behind you to fully complete a transaction. In such instances, subject to due diligence, RE Wealth Advisors Commodity Division and its stakeholders will often partner with you on a joint venture in order to assist you in closing the deal.?

Investment Opportunities and Trade Platforms

At RE Wealth Advisors Commodity Division, we often deal with hedge funds, sovereign funds, very high net worth investors and companies looking to make a good return on their investments. We offer some of the best possible rates of returns on investments made with us for petroleum and precious metal transactions. With both petroleum and precious metals, we can set up a trade platform with exit buyers lined up allowing for a seamless and immediate ongoing profit center. These trade platforms offer safe, stable, monthly returns backed by the most valuable and in demand resources on the planet. These investments can net investors a10% -15% monthly rates of return backed by the physical assets. Because these assets are being acquired below full market pricing, there is always an arbitrage opportunity available and we always have exit buyers in place.


International Commodity & Energy is known as a reliable partner to first class banks where we enjoy various facilities, thus ensuring capacity, stability and flexibility in our business operations.

Business Services

We help our clients continuously evolve and adapt to an increasing complex business environment. We assist in transforming their corporate goals to reality. Strategy and business organizational development are fundamental to the construction of any management system. Key is compliance with legislation and regulations. We enable them build on their strengths and react with agility to opportunities and threats by delivering on-going performance improvements. We can identify potential acquisition targets, joint venture partners in the local and international markets.

Marketing and Distribution of Petroleum Products

There is no doubt about it that marketing and distribution of petroleum products is a complex and wide-ranging sector of the international petroleum industry. Here at RE Wealth Advisors Commodity Division we understand the products distribution system and the structure of the marketplace and the main players in this segment of the business and how they create value. RE Wealth Advisors Commodity Division understands the nature of the markets for products in different parts of the world, how they differ from region to region, and how products are price along the value chain including margins, taxes and final commercial or retail pricing. The marketing and distribution of petroleum products takes place on a vast, global scale; therefore, you need experience and trusted advisors.

Risk Management

Our main line of business is sourcing and reselling the best oil deals available on the market. We use our experience and expertise to ensure that we don?t waste our time with small profit or high risk deals. Instead, we look to find the winning deals for our clients and potential buyers.