Building Wealth


We provide Uber?wealth building solutions via time tested, tried & true hedging, and leveraging strategies, which up until now have been reserved for only the?wealthiest families?and ultra-high net worth individuals. We accomplish this by way of (1)?providing capital by way of our zero percent?interest?business credit lines. In addition, we provide private lending services, despite credit challenges. Next ? (2) we?provide deep discounted properties?to invest with the capital we provide to acquire, manage and sell in the private off market world of real estate to our stable of investors and true end buyers. Next ? (3) We?provide a predetermined exit strategy, which yields our clients an immediate 20% ? 60+% ROI and / or annual ROE.


  • REI Advisory: Establishing Infrastructure consisting of market research, business planning, policies & procedures, best practices, and capital structuring.-Corporate structuring and legal tax haven services for protection, anonymity and the retention of profits.
  • Management: Govern all aspects of your real estate investments.
  • Wealth Advisory services:-Build: Identify and help you select the appropriate real estate investment. In addition, to diversifying within your asset allocation.-Guide: Walk with you through all phases of acquisition.-Transfer: Assets need to be passed on to the next generation properly, not to mention be sustained. Our REI Wealth management professionals tackle these tasks efficiently and help to keep family assets secured.


What makes our business model unique to any other investment firm is that we provide the ultimate resolve. As opposed to using your own cash to invest, we bring you the capital to purchase real estate properties at a deep discount ranging from $.30-$.75 on the dollar. Furthermore, after facilitating the discounted property and the leveraged capital, we provide the end-buyer (or renter) to ensure a quick turnaround and handsome return. In addition, we show you how to leverage that newfound capital without spending a cent into sustainable, profitable investments that deliver passive income month after month, year after year. In other words, we are not only helping our stakeholders acquire wealth, but we are helping them master the No Money Down System of leveraged investing/real estate investing! In other words, we hold our clients by the hand and walk them through the process of building wealth through real estate investing and leveraged investments ? all by way of our No Money Down system.


A successful investment strategy needs a clearly defined set of goals and objectives. Every RE Wealth Advisors portfolio has a well-defined return objective, a framework for measuring progress toward that goal and limits on the amount of risk we take in trying to achieve the objective. This structure helps clients stay on track in good times and challenging times.


We invite qualified investors to assist them in placing their assets into worthy Private Placement Investments via their own Trust Corporation & Off Shore Trading / Investment Programs with handsome returns. We welcome you into a limited risk endeavor, unlike other investments, such as the stock exchange. Now is the time to enhance your capital earned from your labor and ingenuity. You are invited to contact us for further details and guidelines. Please contact a RE Wealth Advisor at 954.998.4415 and or


We focus on minimizing losses. Declines in portfolio value can?t be avoided entirely. However, by paying attention to downside risk protection we help clients stick with their investment strategy through the difficult markets that periodically come along.


Please note that stated investment returns are examples of possible returns available in the marketplace using these investment strategies and are not set in stone or guaranteed. Actual returns may be higher or lower depending on market factors that are outside of our control. RE Wealth Advisors LLC is not a broker-dealer and is not engaged in securities transactions of any kind. All correspondence between RE Wealth Advisors LLC and clients or potential clients is deemed confidential and is not to be shared or distributed to outside parties without expressed written or verbal consent from RE Wealth Advisors LLC or our affiliated companies. Due to the sensitive nature of many of these investments opportunities, the utmost discretion is advised.