Building Dreams

RE Wealth Advisors is Committed to Building & Bridging Dreams

Written By: Daniel Frank, REI Advisor

With the myriad of challenges we face in today?s world, the obstacles we encounter can serve to either lock us in place, or spark within us a fire of perseverance; an indomitable drive to forge a bridge through.

Regardless of the scope or magnitude of hardship, history has amply shown that nothing can ever permanently suppress the human spirit. However, in today?s unforgiving economic landscape, many of us feel as if our bridge to financial security has been knocked down all too many times ? and we begin to lose hope. It is in times like these that we must be careful to not throw up the white flag of surrender, but to instead look within for the courage to build that bridge again ? and sometimes ask for a helping hand.

Our team here at RE Wealth Advisors is all too familiar with the struggles faced by the ever-shrinking middle class, as we have all been there ourselves ? and our Real Estate Investment Advisory division was founded on this empathy. We believe that even with infinite determination and hard work, sometimes we all need a helping hand in building the bridge to our dreams.

Following the real estate market collapse of 2008, our CEO and President answered an inner calling to leave a lucrative career in the mortgage banking industry in favor of uplifting the middle class, which the banks had so carelessly disregarded. It is pursuant to this vision that we work diligently to provide a means of (re)building and bridging the dreams of our peers who have long since lost sight of them. We have a firm conviction that no matter how dire the circumstances ? there is always a way to make it through. Let?s build the bridge together.