Alibaba’s Millionaires


Safe, stable and long term 7-10% rates of return are real!

Alibaba?s IPO just made a lot of employee?s of very wealthy, very fast. This new wealth has a high likeliness of squandering its resources and ending up in the same situation they were in before or in a worse situation. Why? Much of this stems from a lack of understanding regarding asset protection methodologies and unscrupulous advisors who work on a fee basis to make as much commission as possible from the clients they were hired to advise.

At the end of the day if you end up losing all your money, the financial advisor still made his commission.

The issue comes down to finding safe, stabile, long-term investments that deliver a high rate of return while minimizing risk. The majority of marketed financial products fails on most of these fronts but produce significant income to the people that market them. They are not safe as they are affected by the markets, they aren?t stable because their profitability comes from an increase in value which is by no means guaranteed, and they actually can?t be considered long term investments because their entire value is determined by market supply and demand factors.

What is a newly wealthy person or family to do? How can a new millionaire insure that they have enough return coming in off their investment that their wealth continues to increase and in the event they lose their main income source, money continues coming in month after month without any additional effort?

The answer is found in Single Tenant Net Lease Commercial Real Estate found throughout the US!

A single tenant net leased property is a free standing building that has just 1 tenant, typically considered ?credit worthy? by the markets, whereby the tenant is frequently responsible for all aspects of the building including it?s maintenance and upkeep. In other words, all of the expenses associated with owning real estate is passed on to the tenant who is renting the building on a long-term basis from the property owner (you).

Why is this so valuable? Because retail stores like Starbucks, Home Depot, Dollar General, McDonalds, CVS, Walgreens and most other national retail chains rent their buildings rather than buy them. These large multibillion dollar a year companies typically sign a 10-20 year lease that is backed by the parent company. What this means is that for the next 10-20 years, the parent company is financially liable for paying the rent for the full term of that lease, even if the store proves unsuccessful for them. One of the best parts of these investments is that the total rent paid by the tenant goes up either every year or every 5 years so the investor gets an increasing income.

When structured properly, an investor can get a 7-10%+ annual rate of return over the entire length of the lease.
What does this mean to an Alibaba Employee? This means that for every $1 million dollars a Chinese Investor brings to the US market to invest in Commercial Property, they can be ensured $70,000-$100,000+ US Dollars per year in income on an ongoing basis for the entire term of the tenants lease. Because a tenant has an opportunity at the end of their initial lease term to extend the lease for an additional 5 ? 50 years, there is the possibility and potential that this building will continue to pay an increasing revenue stream for years to come and can be passed down through generations.

We are interested in working with high net worth individuals and institutions throughout China that have a desire to invest abroad and are looking for safe, stable and long-term investments in the United States backed by the strongest companies in the USA. We can provide these on an ongoing basis.

Please contact David Wang of Real Estate Wealth Advisors, for more information about safe investing in the US Commercial Real Estate Market.



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