About Us


Here at RE Wealth Advisors we have the solutions to your financial goals. Our proprietary methodology is designed to custom fit all who seek more out of life. Our wealth advisory approach Is rooted in Secured Private Real Estate Loan Partnerships, Private Real Estate Investment, Syndications models, Business Capital, Investments & Advisory Services. This is Our World-Class knowledge.


We accomplish this by way of uncovering and acquiring deeply discounted, distressed real estate assets in the Off-Market. These sourced assets are rehabbed to full market value. By focusing on 5 units or more, we are able to protect against downturns in the economy. These Multi-Family units are valued on a cash flow model and are risk adverse during recessionary periods. Our investment methodology can best be described as buying $1.00 for only .25 cents. Once acquired, we bring the asset to a new ARV (After Repair Value) of $2.00. The increased rents provide an ongoing source of Cash Flow. Most of our assets yield strong double-digit returns. We then repeat this process over and over!